Uvodo — what is it, and who is it for?

what is Uvodo?

Think for a moment. You own your eCommerce business SOLELY. No shared data. No monthly recurring fees. Everything about your business — data and economics belong only and entirely to you.

This is no longer the dream you were thinking; this is a product that is developed for entrepreneurs like you: I’m super pumped to introduce Uvodo — a self-hosted, headless, source-available eCommerce platform for those who want to bring their brand online or are just tired from recurring fees and limited customization.

Uvodo is white-label eCommerce platform for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Uvodo provides a complete suite of eCommerce-focused solutions & features that are individually tailored to meet the needs of businesses.

The future look with Uvodo

There is no foundational eCommerce building platform for developers to customize. And, developing core eCommerce solutions every time from scratch causes losing time and money.

So, we built Uvodo – eCommerce building engine for developers and tech-savvy entrepreneurs to speed up the eCommerce development.

It’s a one-time small fee with no recurring payments

You’re getting charged every month by software companies just so they can provide you with your own business tools and features while you’re dependent on these hosted eCommerce platforms and associated risks.

Uvodo takes all these headaches away and gives you complete freedom and self-reliance while you never ever again pay a penny for what you built. You pay once and own Uvodo for a lifetime.

It’s a headless, self-hosted eCommerce engine

There are many benefits of headless commerce over traditional eCommerce: it has no limits on scalability, and you have total control over your business, no matter how big it gets.

Headless eCommerce gives you back-end and front-end freedom to quickly create new experiences via mobile app, chatbot, VR, or IoT device without changing the back-end.

Uvodo is a self hosted eCommerce solution for you to have complete control over your business by owning source code, data, and economics, meaning all your data is secured in your server.

You have complete control over customization

I’ve seen how hard it is to keep up with trends on hosted eCommerce platforms with limited customization.

Uvodo – headless eCommerce gives you the freedom to customize your storefront and other aspects of your eCommerce store in a fast and agile way.

With Uvodo, you have complete control over the customization of your storefront and everything else as an owner of the source code.

Uvodo guarantees the high-speed top performance of your online store

Slow websites and poor performance lead to increased disappointment and frustration of shoppers and business owners with online shops.

Uvodo’s front-end and back-end development ultimately helps eCommerce businesses to deliver the best online shopping experience possible. Not to mention, from the ground up Uvodo is mobile-first for both storefront or managing online store right at your fingertips.

With SEO optimization, a feature-rich storefront, an intuitive interface for shoppers, high-speed performance, clean code, and more, Uvodo is undoubtedly the new leader in cutting-edge web design.

You get lifetime updates for free

Uvodo is so committed to giving you the tools that are always current.

Uvodo provides you with free lifetime updates, so you can have the most up-to-date tools without paying for them.

Who is it for?

Uvodo is best for developers, digital agencies, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs to speed up the eCommerce development.

Get a beautiful store up and running in minutes

I believe that selling products should be easy, as easy as uploading a photo on Instagram. You should be able to upload your product content, and it’s out there at the fingertips of consumers in minutes — no complex product management or complicated configuration while all these happen behind the stage for convenience.

And, this is what Uvodo gives.

Narmina Balabayli
Narmina is a full-time head of content at Uvodo, lifetime artist, part-time cat lover. Love writing anything about digital. She has superpower to disappear.

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