Welcome Uvodo!

Uvodo download eCommerce platform

Uvodo is live now, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Now you can start selling online for free without commissions and transaction fees 🤑

A quick recap about Uvodo:

Uvodo is a conversion focused eCommerce platform for anyone who wants to move online or start their own online business.

Uvodo is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, local businesses, and merchants who sell over social media platforms.

Uvodo also has a white-label eCommerce solution for partners. Learn more.

*Note: We first launched Uvodo as headless & self hosted eCommerce platform. After we’ve got hundreds of request for the SaaS version, we developed Uvodo as a SaaS eCommerce platform.

Read more about Uvodo — what is it, and who is it for?

Uvodo Pricing

Uvodo’s pricing plans are:

  • Free → $0 /mo
  • Economy → $19 /mo
  • Business → $39 /mo
  • Premium → $99 /mo

Uvodo doesn’t limit any feature on any paid or free plan: all plans includes the same features.

Uvodo’s pricing plans approach provides scalable solutions to businesses of each size. Each plan’s features are based on the factors such as the company’s annual Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), team size, and number of products.

Communities & Support

Uvodo has a Discord community, full of awesome people!

Our community is a great place to get answers to your questions, share tips and best practices, and connect with Uvodo team and other Uvodo users.

Support. Feel free to contact us in case you face a problem, or talk to our eCommerce expert.

Taleh Karimli
Co-founder and Product Designer at Uvodo.

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