Refund policy

Hi, welcome to Uvodo’s Refund Policy.

If you’re not pleased with your purchase, please read the refund policy of a respective marketplace below that you downloaded Uvodo to get familiar with the rules. Then, you can proceed the refund procedure.

Before you ask for a refund, it’s recommended to contact us to seek assistance if you are experiencing a technical issue with the item, we can help troubleshoot your problem.






Here are the circumstances under CodeCanyon’s Refund Rules in which we are expected to provide you with a refund:


  • Item is “not as described” or the item doesn’t work the way it should
  • Item has a security vulnerability
  • Item support is promised but not provided
  • Item support extension not used
  • Items that have not been downloaded



For more details, please read the full Refund Rules by CodeCanyon.