Planum – design system by Uvodo

Design system components

Meet Planum – Uvodo’s design system with comprehensive building elements for plugin, module, and application development:

Planum consists of UI components that developers can refer to whilst their plugin, module, and application development.

Planum is a UI Kit with comprehensive building elements which consists of React components. It has a set of guidelines that are built into the library to help developers create beautiful and consistent interfaces for their plugins, modules, and applications while focusing on their skill sets and avoiding wasting time on designing UI elements for the development.

This design system includes a total of 20 building blocks such as buttons, colors, typography, checkboxes, and more which developers can use to build their own plugins, modules, and applications without having to start from scratch. Currently, our team are working on every day to increase the number of the blocks.

Planum - design components
Taleh Karimli
Co-founder and Product Designer at Uvodo.

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