How Order on WhatsApp Can Increase Sales and Improve Customer Experience?

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Customers expect a seamless and hassle-free purchasing experience in today’s online world. And one of the biggest challenges in their buying journey is the checkout process.

It was found that in 2022, the average shopping cart abandonment rate was 66.5%, indicating that nearly 7 out of 10 website visitors who add items to their virtual shopping carts do not complete their purchases.

The reason is that complicated and lengthy checkout processes often lead to abandoned carts, frustrated customers, and lost sales.

One of the payment options that provides an easy checkout experience for customers is the Order on WhatsApp method. Though the most used cases of Order on Whatsapp are among local selling sites, this manual payment method can open up new markets globally for all online sellers.

Order on WhatsApp payment feature allows customers to easily chat with merchants and proceed with their purchase on WhatsApp. The Order on WhatsApp method makes the checkout process easy, helps increase in sales, and provides a more convenient shopping experience for customers.

What is Order on WhatsApp?

Order via WhatsApp is a feature that allows businesses to receive orders from their customers directly via WhatsApp button or icon. This feature can also be used as a communication tool for specific inquiries about products.

Being one of the “text to shop” online selling tools, Order on WhatsApp is a great feature for local and conversational eCommerce sites.

With this payment feature, customers can place orders for products or services by simply sending a message on WhatsApp without going through a traditional checkout process on a website.

Adding this button to your online store lets customers chat with you and complete their order via WhatsApp.

When you enable the Order on Whatsapp feature on your Uvodo store, the WhatsApp icon, or customizable “Buy on WhatsApp” button appears on each single product page.

Order on whatsapp

How Does Buy on WhatsApp Checkout Work?

You can use the Order on WhatsApp payment feature to integrate your WhatsApp business account with your online store. Once set up, customers start chatting with you about the product and place an order via text by sending a WhatsApp message.

Here is how Buy on WhatsApp works:

  1. To place an order or send inquiries about the product directly via WhatsApp, customers select the Order on WhatsApp option on the product page.
  2. Once customers click to WhatsApp icon or button, they are redirected to the WhatsApp app on their phone or desktop with a pre-written message with the product link included. Then, they start the communication with their interested inquiry.
  3. You receive the message and start communicating with the customers.
  4. If the message is about order, you talk with the customers about the payment option which usually is a manual payment option: Cash on Delivery, money order, bank transfer, etc.
  5. Through WhatsApp, you can confirm order details, update delivery times, and address.

For customers, it’s like a WhatsApp shopping feature, where they talk to a sales person, ask questions and proceed with the purchase.

With Uvodo’s Buy on WhatsApp feature, you can accept a WhatsApp order, and manage it and the customer data on your admin panel to make the process automated. 

What Are the Benefits of Order on WhatsApp for eCommerce?

Buy on WhatsApp is Uvodo’s one of the built-in online selling tools that offers several benefits for customers and online businesses.

Benefits of Order on WhatsApp for customers include:

  • Direct communication with customers. This allows customers to communicate directly with you, which provides a personalized buying experience, better customer support, and faster resolution of issues.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction. The simplified checkout process and personalized communication through WhatsApp can help improve the overall customer experience. This, in turn, can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Customer retention. By building strong customer relationships through WhatsApp, your business can increase customer retention and encourage repeated orders via text.
  • Building trust. Direct and personalized communication through WhatsApp can help local selling sites to build customer trust because they are able to interact with a real person, rather than an automated chatbot. This human interaction provides a more personalized and authentic experience, which can build trust and loyalty between the customer and the seller.

Benefits of Order on Whatsapp for Businesses include:

  • Expanding local and global reach. Uvodo’s Buy on WhatsApp feature allows you to expand your local and global reach and connect with customers.
  • Lead generation. The Order on WhatsApp feature can be used to collect customer phone numbers, which can be used for other marketing purposes.
  • Increase conversion rates up to x7. By leveraging WhatsApp, businesses can improve their conversion rates by up to 112% through personalized messages and promotional offers sent directly to their customers.

Importance of Customer Experience at Checkout Process

The checkout process can affect whether a customer buys your product or not. Customers want a checkout process that is simple, quick, and safe.

If you make the checkout process easier, customers will be happier and more likely to come back and shop again. This in turn, can significantly reduce the need for expensive conversion tools like cart abandonment recovery. In fact, statistics show that a returning customer is 60% to 70% more likely to convert, highlighting the importance of building a strong customer base for long-term success.

By providing customers with a direct line of communication through Uvodo’s Buy on WhatsApp, you can offer a personalized buying and support experience. Customers can easily place their order and get updates on their purchase, without having to navigate through a complicated checkout process.

The Buy on WhatsApp feature of Uvodo is built-in and free for free and paid plans.


  • Customers tend to leave the shopping cart when there’s no preferred payment option and when the checkout process is complicated.
  • Manual payment methods like Order on WhatsApp is a conversational eCommerce tool that allows direct communication with sellers. This payment method allows customers to experience WhatsApp shopping.
  • Order on WhatsApp payment method increases sales and user experience, simplifies the checkout process while building trust for local selling sites.
  • Uvodo’s Buy on Whatsapp feature is a free built-in online selling tool that allows buyers place orders via text messages.
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