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What is Uvodo?

Uvodo is a Self-hosted, headless, source-available eCommerce platform. Uvodo is a foundational eCommerce platform for online sellers. It’s also a perfect solution for digital agencies and developers to increase the speed of eCommerce development. It’s customizable, scalable, and compatible with 3rd party technologies. See all features.

Who is Uvodo for?

Uvodo is for online sellers and eCommerce developers who wants to provide fully customized eCommerce solutions.

How much does Uvodo cost?

It’s a one time payment for a lifetime usage. Check out the license pricing.

Is there any demo I can check the admin dashboard and storefront?

Click on the respective texts to see both the admin demo and storefront demo.

Is the hosting & domain included in Uvodo?

No. You should have your own hosting & domain.

Which hosting providers should I use?

Although Uvodo can be installed on a shared hosting, we strongly recommend to use VPS. Our top recommendation are Digital Ocean Droplet, Vultr or AWS EC2 Instance.

What are the server requirements for installation?

Here, you can check the full list of server requirements.

What technology stack is Uvodo built in?

From the scratch, the application is written in pure PHP with concepts of Layered Architecture and Domain Driven Design. For storefront and admin UI, several frontend technologies such as PUG, VueJS and TypeScript have been used.

How can I find my license key?

Find your license key – purchase code for Envato here.

Will I get the updates?

Uvodo will send you free updates for a lifetime. You’ll get a notification on your store admin when an update is available.

How to install Uvodo?

You can check the help center and step-by-step video tutorials for assistance.

I’m facing some problems

You can contact us to get help.

I still have more questions…

You are more than a welcome to book a knowledge session. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

I want to request a feature

Feel free to submit your idea, it’ll be reviewed and added to our roadmap.


We have a Discord community where every question is answered, every topic is discussed, and every concern is solved.

Wanna know about the team behind Uvodo?

Check our about us page 😊


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