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Meet the team behind Uvodo

How did everything start?

Before Uvodo, there was Nextsale, our previous startup, that successfully exited after 3 years of development. It’s the same team with the same mindset that has a mission to deliver real value to the eCommerce ecosystem.

While working in the eCommerce ecosystem for almost 10 years, two of co-founders – Vusal and Taleh, found out that conversion optimization was painful for merchants. That was the main trigger on how we come up with the idea to build Nextsale.

At Nextsale, Orkhan would talk to the merchants on a continuous basis. We saw that not everyone is happy with their current eCommerce platform. The idea clicked: why not make an eCommerce platform that meets all needs and expectations?

If before we were helping merchants to increase their sales on the eCommerce platform they’re using, now we’re building the infrastructure itself to build the custom eCommerce platform.

Considering the expertise of the team in the eCommerce market, we are building Uvodo to help developers and agencies to reduce the money and time spent on custom eCommerce development.

What’s Uvodo?

Uvodo is custom eCommerce building platform for developers. Uvodo allows unlimited customization and development freedom for eCommerce developers, web development agencies, and online sellers.

There are great people
behind every great

We’re a small team with big dreams. Uvodo is a team of 10, 3 of them being
co-founders: Vusal Orujov, Taleh Karimli, and Orkhan Hajiyev.

Taleh Karimli

Taleh Karimli
Co-founder, Product Designer

Orkhan Hajiyev

Orkhan Hajiyev
Co-founder, Customer Success


Narmina Balabayli
Head of Content

Vugar Aliyev

Vugar Aliyev
Software Developer

Ahmad Mammadli

Ahmad Mammadli
Software Developer

Emin Gasimov

Emin Gasimov
Frontend Developer

Nijat Bakhtiyarli

Nijat Bakhtiyarli
Frontend Developer

Orkhan Surkhayli

Orkhan Surkhayli
Product Manager

  • Mission 🚩

To speed up the transition of retail to eCommerce fastly on a global level.

  • Vision 🌟

To create the best in class eCommerce building infrastructure for digital agencies.

  • Goal 🎯

To become the first choice of eCommerce building platform for digital agencies.

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Uvodo team

Nextsale, a digital marketing SaaS, purchased by software company AppHub

Here, “They Got Acquired” talks about how three friends – Vusal, Taleh, and Orkhan built and sold a digital marketing SaaS: Nextsale.


We have a Discord community where every question is answered, every topic is discussed, and every concern is solved.

This is how we work 😊

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    Narmina is a full-time head of content at Uvodo, lifetime artist, part-time cat lover. Love writing anything about digital. She has superpower to disappear.